Pet Friendly

Pets Rule!

When we make the decision to downsize into Retirement Living or perhaps move into an Aged Care facility it is so important to us all that we can maintain our lifestyle, and independence and keep our special and personal possessions close…… including the family pet! Research has identified many benefits to seniors who own their own pets including things like:

  • Helping with loneliness;
  • Coping with stress;
  • Increasing social and verbal activities and;
  • Assisting with maintaining a level of physical activity simply by playing with your pet or walking with your pet.

With pets raising our happiness quotient and general well-being, it makes good sense
to keep them with you wherever you are living.

At MiCare, our facilities are pet friendly so we work with you to find ways of keeping the beloved pet close. Talk to us today about our properties in Kilsyth, Montrose and Carrum Downs.

Call our General Manager Assets, Services & Projects, Olaf Zalmstra on 0417 596 476