Let the building begin!

It has been a month since the builders set up camp at 741. And what a month it has been. We have seen a transformation from a dusty, sandy block to what is now a busy happening with trucks coming and going to remove rocks from the site. Work men arrive 6 days per week and various heavy equipment has been working their way through the surface of the soil and rubble.

Meanwhile, we have established our brand and everything that goes with it. A website is under construction, marketing material has been sent to the printer and various signs are being prepared. The big launch will be on May 3rd, when we will be breaking the last rock and starting the sales process. A sales office is being created within the Margriet Village across the road, where our sales team will be happy to meet with prospective buyers and present the plans and finer details.

A detailed model has been created that will help people visualise the project and get a good feel for what the building will look like.

If you are interested in these wonderful apartments, or if you know someone who might be, please contact Barbara CaulfieldĀ at 03 9728 7444 during business hours for further information.